Digital Enterprise Consulting for
Machine Builders

Helping Machine Builders gain a clear understanding of their business, technical strategies and opportunities to leverage digitalization.


How Can Siemens Help?

How will digitalization change my sales model?
blueRight_Arrow Expanding capabilities of servicing the customer
How will digitalization affect the customer?
blueRight_Arrow All customer requirements are validated and delivered
What digitalization strategy is right for me?
blueRight_Arrow Alignment of KPIs and clear path to implementation
How will I derive clear value from digitalization?
blueRight_Arrow Complete ROI analysis
How will digitalization affect the machine process?
blueRight_Arrow More collaborative approach leading to shortened NPI
Detailed on-site interviews with key stakeholders:
  • Executives
  • Engineers
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain, etc.
Digital Maturity Analysis:
  • Current digital state
  • Industry benchmark
  • Tailored Solutions 
Implementation plan:
  • Phased timeline
  • Improved messaging around Industry 4.0
  • Clear ROI Summary


Ready to take the first step into Digitalization?