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Thursday, October 4th: Informational Workshops and Trade Show at the Pro Football Hall of Fame!
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When: Thursday, October 4, 2018
Where: Pro Football Hall of Fame
2121 George Halas Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708
Cost: Free

Gold Jacket Lounge
9am-4pm: What's New in UL / 508A / NFPA79 / NFPA70 for Control Panels

Event Center 1
10am-11am: IO-Link: A New Approach to Improving Control Panels
11am-12pm: A New Way of Motion
1pm-2pm: Ethernet/IP to G120 Drives
2pm-3pm: Industrial PC Roadshow
3pm-4pm: Extending the Digital Tread to the Plant Floor with TIA Portal.
Event Center 2
10am-11am:  VTEM: the Future of Pneumatics is Now!

11am-12pm: The Next Generation of Cobots – e-Series!
1pm-2pm: UL 508A: Safety and Security with one Simple Switch
2pm-3pm: HGO: Design Your Perfect Cartesian, T-Portal or H-Portal System
3pm-4pm: The Next Generation of Cobots – e-Series!
Pre-Function Area
9am-7pm: Trade Show
4pm-7pm: Networking


What’s New in UL508A/NFPA79/NFPA70 for Industrial Control Panels

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.42.12 AMIf you’re looking for an update and a refresher on the strict rules and regulations on how to design and build an industrial control panel for North America, this course is for you! See the full details below. 


A New Way of Motion: Come see the easy and efficient solution for motion control applications in the SIMATIC S7-1500.  The TIA Portal single engineering framework combines controllers, distributed I/O, HMI, drives, motion control, and motor management to provide unparalleled performance and results.  This session will first demonstrate the S7-1500 motion capabilities including gearing, camming, and kinematics, followed by a closer look at the PLC Open motion blocks that are used in TIA Portal.

Ethernet/IP to G120 Drives: Come watch a demonstration consisting of a Rockwell Automation CompactLogix controlling a Siemens G120 Drive over Ethernet/IP.  Realize the ease of use of Siemens new Studio5000 EDS file and Add-on Instruction to control the speed of the drive.  Get the proven reliability of Siemens G120 drives with the versatility to be controlled from either Profinet or Ethernet/IP. Additional content will include a demonstration of the new G120 Smart Access Wireless Module with integrated Web Server providing an incredible, intuitive graphical interface for quick commissioning, parameterization, testing and diagnostics.
Extending the digital tread to the plant floor with TIA Portal: From the shop floor to the top floor, Siemens provides the total best-in-class solutions to modernize your operations. Come experience the innovative TIA
Portal – a single engineering framework that seamlessly integrates multiple controllers, distributed I/O, safety, networks, HMI, drives, motion and security.
Step out of the status quo to consider what your optimal engineering environment could look like, now and in the future to achieve reduced engineering cost, increased productivity and shorten time to market.
HGO – Design Your Perfect Cartesian, T-Portal or H-Portal System: It could take 10 to 15 minutes to prepare a delicious sandwich for a quick snack. People in the automation world never imagined that it would take the same amount of time to define a handling system according to application parameters, get a CAD file, determine price and place an order, everything done from your own computer. This what HGO is capable of.
IO-link: A New Approach to Improving  Control Panels: In order to meet the ever-changing demands for consistent reduction of costs, the Industrial Control market is calling for an open, standardized and cost-effective system for linking all industrial control components to the automation system. High availability and transparency of the plant require systematic diagnostic concepts and efficient handling of parameter data to all levels of the automation system. IO-Link meets the demands of the market and offers new possibilities for the integration of actuators and sensors and other field devices into the automation network.
Industrial PC Roadshow: With the drive to digitalization smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), industries are facing a number of challenges such as improving production flexibility and reducing change-over time between production runs.
Industrial PCs (IPCs) are well placed to ensure end users maximize machinery to its full potential, meeting the demands for increasinly customized products.
Take advantage of our wide range of SIMATIC IPC's for tasks such as:
• Control and monitoring of control room processes using Rack PCs and a multi monitor configuration
• Fast and reliable data transfer using a maintenance-free Box PC as a compact gateway to the enterprise cloud
• Powerful data acquisition and machine automation using rugged Box PCs
• Combined monitoring, operation, and PC-based control using Panel PCs
• Mobile data monitoring and acquisition using industrial Tablet PCs
• The completely IP65-protected PRO solution and expansion modules that permit flexible operation mounted on a support bracket or stand.
• Learn about IPC's assembled at the SIEMENS Lebanon, Ohio location, that carry "Assembled in the USA" label and qualify for government contracts.
UL 508A: Safety and Security with One Simple Switch: Keeping your staff from opening a powered enclosure is one of the safest things you can do for them and your company. That sense of security is available with a simple switch to Rittal’s TS 8 Flange Mount Disconnect. Rittal is the only manufacturer of a flange mount disconnect that truly meets the UL508A standard for one simple reason… you cannot throw the power switch on unless all of the enclosure doors are closed. It seems like a simple thing to do, but only Rittal does it.

The Next Generation of Cobots – e-Series!:
Universal Robots e-Series cobots exemplify all that we believe in productivity, adaptability and reliability. Equipped with intuitive programming, versatile use and an almost endless list of opportunities for addons, the e-Series is able to complement production regardless of your industry, company size or product nature.
Built with the future in mind, the e-Series is designed to grow in capability alongside your business, taking on new tasks and finding new uses so you will always be able to stay ahead of your competitors. The e-Series takes robotic automation beyond what you can do today. Get ready to learn and trail blaze into the future.

VTEM – The Future of Pneumatics is Now!: Industrial devices are more interconnected than ever and pneumatic control is not staying behind. New technology will increase the functionality of systems and at the same time decrease the number of components needed as well as time for commissioning and change overs.

What's New in UL/508A/NFPA79/NFPA70 for Industrial Control Panels: If you're looking for an update and a refresher on the strict rules and regulations on how to design and build an industrial control panel for North America, this course is for you!
This course is designed to help you understand and to apply the constructive standard UL508A for Industrial control panels and about the electrical equipment of machines according to the NFPA79 standard for Industrial Machinery, and will give you a better understanding of these regulations and help you to align your business for the most recent standard and code requirements for the North American market. Furthermore, we will provide you with resources for control panel standards and practical tools and tips for more efficient control panel engineering.